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Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) develops, standardizes, and markets automated (computer scored) assessment instruments, or tests, throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The BDS list of tests includes over 40 juvenile and adult tests, with assessments for clients, patients, defendants, offenders, probationers, inmates, parolees, and others.

BDS clients include clinics, agencies, departments, outpatient services, hospitals, treatment centers, counselor offices, courts, probation departments, statewide DUI/DWI offender programs, diversion programs, corrections settings, screening programs, mental health professionals, and others.

BDS tests are appropriate for male and female, juveniles and adults, in misdemeanor and felony cases. BDS tests can be administered in paper-pencil format, or on the computer screen. Regardless of how tests are administered, all tests are scored by the computer, with reports printed within minutes.

BDS tests meet the highest, professional standards. To insure that these valid, reliable, and accurate assessment instruments are readily available to test users, BDS signed an exclusive, Internet testing contract with Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. (Online-Testing.Com), to offer BDS tests over Online Testing Internet testing platform. For more Internet or online testing information, visit Now, Behavior Data Systems (BDS) tests can be obtained from BDS and/or Online Testing.

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