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Juvenile Detention Exam

The Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) is a brief, easily administered and automated (computer scored) detention center test. It is appropriate for troubled (male and female) youth. The Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) consists of 105 items and can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. The JDE has five scales (measures): 1. Truthfulness Scale, 2. Alcohol Scale, 3. Drugs Scale, 4. Violence (Lethality) Scale, and 5. Antisocial Scale.


1. Truthfulness Scale: Measures how truthful the juvenile was while completing the Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE). This scale detects denial, problem minimization and faking.

2. Alcohol Scale: Measures the severity of alcohol use and/or abuse. Alcohol refers to beer, wine and liquor.

3. Drugs Scale: Measures the severity of alcohol use and/or abuse. Drugs refer to marijuana, barbiturates, crack, amphetamines, ecstacy, heroin, etc.

4. Violence (Lethality) Scale: Measures use of force to injure, damage or destroy. It identifies youths that are dangerous to themselves and others.

5. Antisocial Scale: Measures antisocial attitudes and behavior, identifying juveniles with little remorse, seem to be uncaring, those that are irresponsible and lie. Antisocial juvenles are anti-society as well as rebellious against society's rules and regulations.

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The Juvenile Detention Exam Manual provides an in depth discussion of the Juvenile Detention Exam and how it works. To review the Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) Manual click on this JDE Training Manual link.

The Juvenile Detention Exam Manual (JDE) covers: empirically-based scales (measures), risk level classification, research, control of reports, "significant items," score-related recommendations, intstructions, administrative modes, "Human Voice Audio" tests data input verification, confidentiality (deleting juveniles' names), HIPAA compliance, the diskette expiration date, and more. This manual is considered a must-read for Juvenile Detention Exam users.

An Example Juvenile Detention Exam report should help assessors understand how obtained juvenile information is consolidated and presented. To Review a Juvenile Detention Exam example report, click on this Example JDE Report link.

"Cost information:" The Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) user agreement, information on volume discounts and more can be reviewed by clicking on this JDE Cost link.

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